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“Practice Makes Perfect” Dr.Sugree Charoensook

“Man is a child of his environment” Shinichi Suzuki

Our Courses

Music for Children

This is a basic music course for kids where activities and games, finger play and movements are used. The activities aim to make learning enjoyable and creating a positive attitude to music learning . Also to develop other important aspects in the child such as emotion, sociability, intelligence, develop small and large muscles, build their confidence.


Western stringed instruments consist of violin, viola, cello and double bass. These Four bowed instruments give out a melodious sound and can be played both solo and in an orchestra. Violin has the highest notes in the stringed instruments and is easily portable. Viola has a lower note than the violin it has a deep sweet sound and also easily portable. Cello is an instrument where the player has to sit and play and has a deep, smooth sound, Double bass is a large instrument and has the lowest bass notes used as support and backup in an orchestra.


Piano is a musical instrument that can be played solo or ensemble. It enables you to enjoy with your family and friends. Even beginners can start playing simple songs after the first lesson. Piano lessons boost IQ and self-discipline in kids. As for Adults learning piano is great way to stimulate and increase brain power. One single piano can generate music like a small orchestra without any other accompaniment.

Classical and Acoustic Guitar

Small portable string instruments give out smooth and clear sounds .They are suited to those who want to carry them along to play for fun and enjoyment amongst friends or to play them in solitude. As their sound is not too loud they can be easily used to practice on at any time or anywhere. Stringed instrument lessons are suitable for ages 8yrs and above.

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons enable students to know and understand their own voices and be trained to sing with the correct accent.  Be able to develop proper vocal technique to be used in various occasions, and to be able to get admission to other local or international music intuitions or compete in the entertainment industry both locally and internationally.

Woodwind Instruments

These instruments create music by using the wind blowing movement. It emits a   pleasing melody for both the player and the audience created by the movement of the fingers together with the blowing of the wind. The freedom of movement gives it its   charm. Examples of such instruments are saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet .Learning to play these instruments strengthens   the lungs and breathing, increases breathe control and enhance physical strength and personality.

Drum Set

The exciting rhythm of the sound of the drums and the control of body movements to keep up with the rhythm is the basics of this instrument. The focus is on learning limb coordination and rhythm control of bass drum, share drum, floor drum and gongs. That means we will be trained how to control all our body parts together with learning the notes in order to be able to play all kinds of rhythms like Rock, Jazz and Pop correctly.

Music Theory and Aural Skill

On the subject of music theory and aural skill and technique consist the basis and fundamental elements of music. Whether the scales, pitches, note values, rhythms, etc. To enhance the understanding of music and how to play them. To play music “beautifully”, a fine and graceful playing ability is not enough, we also need to “really” understand the music, the piece we’ve played, exactly what music speaks to us, to understand the scales used, the chord progressions, the intervals and all of the foundations and material used and composed to make a music, all of these will help us to play music excellently and “beautifully”.

Thai Traditional Music

The art of Thai music and its unique   culture helps to mold and educate the students to the Thai way. It also enhances the mental concentration by means of memorizing the techniques of switching the fingers of both hands up and down to create sounds. It is the way of learning passed on from teacher to students and teaches students to respect their teachers. UEAM AREE music school sees the potential of the uniqueness of Thai music as a means for self-development in various instruments such as  khim, saw duang, saw ooh , ranad aek, ranad thum, and also the use of chinese instrument koo cherng as a means of learning thai music.

Chamber Music and Ensemble

To learn music by “playing”. Once a private lesson student passed a period of training, he/she should be able to experience in an ensemble, which is enthusiasm for student to learn and practice music. They will be experienced to play music, both melodic and harmonic lines, to make them understand the melody and harmony of the music, to be able to understand the meaning inside each piece we’ve played, what music and composer trying to tell us, and also to learn to work together within the team, to understand each one’s responsibility and to practice communication through the body to communicate with members or the conductor when rehearsing or playing together.

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